Beach Photography

Beach Photography including Beach Landscape Photographs and Beach Sunset Photos

Beach photography and especially the beach sunset is one of my favorite subjects to capture! The beach at sunset is a magical and amazing environment to experience. The end of another day is met by an amazing show of colors as the sun sets beneath the horizon. Peaceful and beautiful. The beach and ocean in general are full of energy as the waves crash against the shore. But a feeling of calm can also be felt as the wind is constant and just enough to let it refresh you as it hits your face while the sun bathes you in it’s warmth. The sun, surf, and sand all combine to make a special ambiance that can be felt no where else. The waves crashing on the beach can also be ferocious and loud, reminding us of the sheer power of mother nature. All of these disparate environments and the emotions that they evoke makes beach photography and the beach sunset special and ever changing through the lens to be captured to enjoy for years to come. The beach and ocean seem to contain a spiritual energy that feeds the soul and nourishes us when we are close to it, even when we aren’t in the water. A sandy beach, rocky cliff, or windswept dunes are all special and makes me cherish capturing amazing beach photography and beach sunsets for us all to enjoy.