John Tucker Photography

John Tucker is pleased to share his passion as a Modern Fine Art Photographer of
Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Beach Photography, and Sunset Photography.
Luxury Fine Art Photography including Color and Black and White Images.

John Tucker strives to capture the Essence of whatever he is shooting, as he is drawn to the beauty of nature and it’s myriad of possibilities.  The serene yet majestic beauty of nature photography and landscape photography are inspiring and spiritual.  The grandeur of expansive and colorful landscape photography is lifts one’s spirits.  A setting sun’s beautiful array of colors rivals any crayola box and can only be captured once from your vantage point at that exact instant in time in amazing sunset photography.  Lighting, composition, and emotional connection are all vital to the perfect shot.  Luxury modern fine art photography is both creative and analytical and being a NASA engineer, it is this duality that draws John Tucker in to photography.   He hopes to make connections with like minded creative individuals who appreciate the beauty of nature and how he has captured it.  Presenting landscapes at sunset as well as dawn and dusk that evoke a sense of grandeur is a challenge and John Tucker’s wish is that you agree that he has achieved this goal.  Beach photography and especially the beach sunset phorography are some of his favorite subjects to capture!  I hope you will say that the images presented here capture the wonder and beauty of nature and evoke emotions from the viewer that keeps them gazing into the image.